Red Bull Flugtag

I get to do some crazy stuff all in the name of science. When the question was raised about how far can man fly in a aircraft designed and built by the team at FliteTest we all put up our hands? The boys at FliteTest claimed they knew more than the Wright Brothers did about flight and with me putting up my hand to be pilot in control they sensed we were on a winner (except me). I am a glider pilot and senior instructor but this was different. Build a glider out of heavy timber, coat it with plastic material, run like hell to the edge of an abyss and jump. Not them, ME. Surprise surprise - it not only flew, it flew further than any of our competition. And with all the FliteTest members and Rotor Riot members all hoping to see me wet as a fish we also won the People's Choice award. Great fun but the trophies we collected went into the bin like the stupid yellow rabbit suits we wore. All I have today are these photos and a couple of videos of this awesome day.