There are really only three bad places to be in Pripyat. Inside Reactor No: 4, the Red Forrest and the Basement in the Hospital. All of those places are off limits for obvious reasons. The only other place to get a fatal dose of radiation is this lone piece of clothing inside the entrance of the hospital. It is a piece of clothing from a firefighter that fought the initial fire after reactor 4 blew up.

After realizing how dangerous the clothing was they put all of it in the basement but recently someone was stupid enough to remove a Helmut and this was left on the table and the locals just hope the person who did this is not dead. To give you an idea of why it's not a good idea to stay close to this innocent looking piece of fabric, the normal ambient reading on a Geiger Counter is 0.1 micro-Sievert per hour, ambient readings around a lot of Pripyat is .3, some locations though are 10-15, the dock was 37.0 in places and the highest we found was a drainage ditch by the Ferris wheel which measured 244.0. The fire fighters clothing though was 1200.0 - not a good place to stand too long for.

Well I've finally recovered from my trip from the Ukraine and I just want to thank all those involved in making it one of the most epic trips of my life.

All the local community were so supportive and the flying was amazing with once in a life time opportunities nearly every day. Of course the chance to see the Chernobyl accident site will be something I will never forget. A truly humbling experience and a true reminder how badly man kind can stuff things up. Hopefully the footage we show from the trip will do it all justice.